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뉴욕 한국 문화원 Korean Cultural Service NY | May 19 - Jun 16, 2010

Jinwoo Heo, Jinpyo Eun, Jiyoung Kim, Kyungjae Kim, Sieun Lee, Yeahwa Kim, Yongju Lee


Transforum is an active agent that seeks to publish research and design in the rapidly-moving architectural waves in and between Seoul and New York since 2007. Trans_ is a process that exceeds existing customs and create values beyond the separation of fields, not merely the new. This process of transformation enters the architectural field, moves from architecture into other fields and from other fields into other fields and from other fields into architecture. 

Real in Transforum | Real world is perceived differently by each and every person. the world, as seen through the eyes of an architect, can be interpreted into an architectural language which in turn becomes the foundation for building a structure. we believe that architecture is not only a finished building, but the consequence of all the reflections and dilemma occurred during every step in the process from initial idea throughout the completion of a single building. Architecture is not a consequence of a linear process. It is an interconnecting network of individual steps, each with its own significance and completeness, that mutually affects one another. 

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