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dbyus platform

dbyus platform provides place where independent designers communicate with people and sell the products to whom may interest. This place still needs  work a lot and is in progress. The following products shows some examples of what to sell. If interested, please contact dbyus directly. 

A tribute to

Mapplehorpe #5

Postcard | In recognition of the famous photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, this work is reinterpreted with his famous photographs technique 'cyanotype', a kind of non-silver photographs dedicating to him



Book | Transforum is an active agent that seeks to publish research and design in the rapidly-moving  architectural waves in and between Seoul and New York. Through a series of professional interviews and academic seminars beginning in 2007, we launched journal TRANSFORUM and the first issue has been issued in 2008.


Jinpyo Eun, Jinwoo Heo, Ji Young Kim, Kyung Jae Kim, YeaHwa Kim, Yong Ju Lee



2      nature | coaster


Coaster | The design is based on 'Second Nature'. The material is stainless steel. Process with metal laser cutting. 


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