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Urban Land Institute / Gerald D. Hines | Student Urban Design Competition - Finalist

Team Member : Master of Real Estate: Jordan Cox, Jay Gillespie, Alex Weis | Master of Architecture: Jinwoo Heo, Kyungjae Kim


Our design leverages the existing demographic trends and natural resources of Denver while combating the negative effects of sprawl and environmental degradation by employing the following six design strategies:

DENSITY - increase density; integrate transit, mix of use;

ENERGY - Improve efficiency and provide clean sources of power;

EDUCATION - Foster innovation and education through construction of institute and schools;

REUSE - Reuse existing structures and building materials;

LIFESTYLE - Leverage and reinforce Denver’s high quality of life;

PUBLIC SPACE - Create active streetscape and green public space. These strategies are exhibited on the following areas of the site:

Alameda Station - Light rail is the future of transportation, replacing the car is essential;

Las Ramblas District - Mix of uses helps create a sense of community;

Energy Institute/School Joint Venture - Alternative energy and education provide a long-term economic competitive advantage to the site.

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