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Insadong Lighting Store

Insadong is the place that weekly more than forty thousand, yearly two million foreigners visit to see the traditional culture of Korea. It was designated as a ‘Traditional Culture Street’ in 1988 and was also designated as a ‘No-Vehicle Street’ on every Sunday since 1997; street festivals are held on that street. Various traditional craft items such as life tools and personal ornaments as well as old paintings, curios, and picture-calligraphy works, which cannot be easily found in the market, are gathered and the street is in the spotlight of foreigners as well as domestic persons as the place where Korean traditional culture may be experienced. More than 500 culture/art shops including 115 galleries are located on that street and more than 600 restaurants and cafeterias are also concentrated.

Add another alleys

The light may exist as the dark exists. The urban days and nights are bright. A feeling of endless deepness may be possessed in the dark.  Lighting apparatus store is not a  container with bright lights but the space that radiate dim lights from the dark  although it is not clear what exists in it. Insadong is deep. This store is also deep.

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